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VIP Service

Our VIP program makes it easy for you to Drop-Off your cleaning in your personalized bag without having to wait. Call us before you get to our store and we will pull your order ahead of time and have it ready for you to pickup.

The VIP account enables you to pay in flexible ways. By having your credit card on our file, you can pickup your order without having to wait and pay for it at the counter. Our system will automatically charge your credit card.



Dry-Cleaning Services

We professionally clean and press your garments on our premises. Our dedicated staff checks each garment to insure quality and perfection.

Laundry Services

We process Laundry items on our premises to your preference. You can select the type of starch you like or if you would like your items hung or folded. Your choices are unlimited.



Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Memories are always beautiful.  That's why when it comes down to cleaning your Wedding Gown you have to make sure it is done by professionals.

At Kenn Cleaners, we meticulously clean and press your gown. We ensure that there are no stains left and that your gown looks as beautiful as the first time you wore it.  Then, we package it in an acid-free preservation box so that your dress can be protected and stored for years to come.



Expert Tailors on Premises

Our professional tailors can handle simple to complicated alterations whenever you need them.

Same Day Service

In by 1 pm Monday through Saturday out by the same day. We offer this service to all our customers at all our locations. After all you never know when there is an emergency.